We work with the incarcerated and their families as they make the transition towards family reconciliation and forgiveness. We provide counselling, financial assistance and family life education to enable them to overcome shame, rejection, suspicion and discrimination and start life anew.

Lakeside FRC began our service to inmates from Cluster B in October 2018. The primary function of the FRC is to be the “first” stop for inmates, ex-inmates and their families by providing them the resources needed to allay anxiety and increase family resilience. All referrals will be assessed by our professional staff and support will be given to the clients through financial assistance, connecting them to community resources, providing information and referral services.

In addition, FRC extended its service to provide case management service to families of pre-selected inmates under the Prison Family Support Service. This is an on-going case management program aimed at reducing recidivism and preventing inter-generation offending.


Lakeside was appointed as the vendor (for whole of prison) to provide group work for inmates and their families in the Release Preparation Programme. The group work is conducted over 20 hours covering topics and discussions over their plans and goals for release and re-integration. Inmates were guided and taught to make concrete plans and set goals and to share their work with their families during family joint session. 

Instead of travelling to the prison facility, families and loved ones can register with Prison Link Centre (Jurong) to book a televisit session at Lakeside’s Taman Jurong office to connect with their loved ones in prison. Our Televisit Centre provides a safe and holistic service for family and their children to connect with their love ones in prison through Tele-conferencing. Many visitors chose to use our facility because of the cosy environment, caring staff and social workers who are ready to attend to their needs and struggles whenever necessary. Families and children in needs do not only used the facility but they are attended to for counselling, case management and financial support.

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Lakeside supports and helps inmates placed under Community Based Program (CBP) in their re-integration back to their families and community. During the CBP, inmates are placed under Work Released Scheme (WRS) where they will work and returned to the camp in the evenings. Lakeside case managers will work closely with the inmates and their families during this period of transition and adaptation. The support, encouragement and counseling provided by our staff to the inmates are so crucial for their re-integration and change.

Using events, celebrations and workshops, we encourage the inmates’ families to gather and bond as a family while finding solace with the community.


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